Loving Healing Press announces:
The Explorations in Metapsychology Series
This exciting new series is designed to demonstrate the power of Metapsychology to give hope to trauma survivors and improve the everyday life of almost anyone. The conversation starts with Beyond Trauma where you'll learn how the technique of Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) can permanently eliminate the negative effects of past traumas. Beyond Trauma combines stories of how people from all walks of life have overcome trauma with a rigorous explanation of how TIR works. Learn more about Beyond Trauma

The TIR and Metapsychology Lecture Series (Audio) gathers together for the first time all of the seminal lectures of Frank A. Gerbode, M.D., the developer of TIR and theorist of Metapsychology. Dr. Gerbode's self-effacing and conversational style along with his solid expertise in Traumatology have made him a favorite among conference attendees. Learn more about TIR and MP Lecture Series

The book Life Skills: Improve the Quality of Your Life with Metapsychology, highlights key factors from the subject and illuminates the ways that these factors can be used on a daily basis for improved quality of life, as an individual, in relationships, and in the wider world. Learn more about Life Skills

Contact us to be informed of the Explorations in Metapsychology Series releases new products throughout 2004 and beyond.